Wednesday, May 06, 2009

OMG It's a post!

Seriously, it's me. I don't have anything to say really but I am staying awake to watch Redeye on Fox and I really wish it was on a little earlier in the evening. School is going well and I am enjoying it. We currently have a very nice teacher who will be with us into the first part of July. hen we will go into back office stuff. Blood draws, injections, etc. After 12 weeks of that we have a 5 week externship. What ever that all works out to be, we graduate Oct. 31, 2009. Can't wait.

I have decided that I am going to learn everything I can about politics. It is a goal. I figure it'll take about 2 weeks. Ha ha, that is a joke. I am particularly interested in Libertarianism. I am no longer sure that the RNC represents my beliefs. But I have not ruled them out and I am currently reading a book titled 'Letters to a Young Conservative' by Dinesh D'Souza. It is an interesting book and I would venture to say that this guy (name is familiar?)is more a conservative than a Republican. He is able to convey (to me anyway) what the core Consv. party is about and where they want to be. I have another book after that one. 'The Conservative Soul' by Andrew Sullivan. I believe that will address how the Republicans have kind of strayed from the Reagan years. Or not, but it looked interesting. I also have a book coming from Amazon (the other 2 are from the library) by S.E. Cupp. I think it is called 'Why You are Wrong About the Right' I am still trying to find a book or two about the Libertarian party, but so far no luck. What's up with that, Libertarians?

Okay, well Redeye W/Greg Gutfeld will be on soon. So I am outta here. If anyone has any suggestions on how to better educate myself on all of the above, let me know!

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