Tuesday, July 28, 2009


As a conservative female nearing her 40's, low to middle income, no kids, in school, intelligent and trying to survive, I have found there to be a dirth of voices that I feel adequately represent me. I guess I am supposed to connect somehow to either Sarah Palin, Meghan McCain or possibly Carrie PreJean.

My frustration level at not being able to express myself in what I am looking for in a leader is over the top. I know what I don't want. Wait, no I don't even think I know what I don't want. But I'll try. Male, female that doesn't matter. They can't be a "Birther" or a "Truther". They must believe in the constitution and upholding it. I would like someone who leans a little more towards the Libertarian Party in economics, but a more conservative in social areas. I am pretty conservative in my beliefs, but I hesitate to force my opinions on others when it comes to personal liberties. Maybe I am too black and white. If I don't hear key words that apply to me, I feel like I am not represented or no one is speaking my "language".

I don't care about Meghan's breasts and it offends me that sex is a part of her spiel. I don't know how she is taken seriously and I feel that she reflects poorly on the Conservative Party. And only because she projects herself as a voice for them. If she just had some ideas and talked about them, fine, great. But someone might mistake her for someone I believe in! Yuck! I am not even going to talk about PreJean. She is just another Joe the Plumber. Time and place people, time and place.

I await to see more from Palin and I hope she pans out into something worthy of the following she is creating. There are some good people rooting for her and I would like to see them rewarded by a person who can come through and do what they say they will. But I don't know if she is the one I'd choose either.

I like Newt. But I don't think he is viable. Oh, Charles Krauthammer would be good. I like the Judge. I see I have a Fox Panelist Party for 2012.

Oh good night!

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Justin said...

I'm not sure if there's a such thing as a politician out there that reflects anybody's personal beliefs out there, except for maybe their own. I've just about come to the conclusion that you have to either get involved in the system yourself (which I have no desire at all to do) or find someone whose beliefs are close enough to yours that you can live with them.