Friday, July 31, 2009

Adam Carolla Podcasts

This may end up sounding like a commercial but I have to say it anyway. I recently started downloading and listening to Adam Carolla's Podcasts off of iTunes. These podcasts which are a very loose and free association type of interview are usually extremely funny and always entertaining. I have finished every one of the shows. He has re-occuring guests that range from his childhood friends to Jimmy Kimmel or Dr Drew. Comedians or actors plugging new movies, even Greg Gutfeld from Red Eye a month or so back was a guest.

Some people may remember him from The Man Show, which, admittedly I found rather objectionable as a show or possibly they listened to him and Dr Drew on the radio with The Love Lines show, which I listened to and enjoyed immensely. But this is somehow different. He is a different man perhaps now that he is married with twins. He seems a little wiser, but with all the humor. He is not all babes, beer and breasts. His podcast topics run from cars, building projects, movies, women, past, future, kids, wives, drinking, pranks, sex and culture. And so much more. He has what I call, (and maybe others do) Carollisms. I am not sure if the thoughts he has are off the cuff or well thought out but most ring very true and sincere. he has repeated some on different podcasts which leads me to believe he is sincere in his beliefs. They are usually about health or something equally as general which he has picked up over the years.

People who are queasy about language, a little sexism, inappropriate jokes, should not indulge. But if you have an open mind, find a little vulgarity amusing and are not offended when everything is not entirely PC, you will enjoy the experience. It's free off of iTunes and is called, of all things, Adam Carolla Podcasts. I highly recommend them.


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